Client testimonials


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hypnotherapy sessions. Not only have I lost approximately five kilos, but I feel really motivated and fantastic inside and out. My energy levels have risen, I’m drinking more water and exercising more regularly, and have noticed an improvement in my hair and skin as well. My self-confidence and self-esteem have noticeably improved also, and I feel great. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I have never been hypnotised before, but I found your approach to be professional and calming and felt incredibly relaxed throughout the entire experience. I would definitely recommend you and your services to anyone considering hypnotherapy. 


I’ve just returned from my final hypnotherapy session with you and can honestly say the experience has been transformational. When I first went to see you I was desperate to radically reduce my drinking. After one session with you I found myself able to negotiate normally awkward social situations, alcohol free and easily able to get through the week sober.  I can now have bottles of wine in the house and happily leave them on the shelf without succumbing to temptation. I am so excited to be embarking on a new life which includes sleeping soundly, waking up anxiety free and with loads more energy - all thanks to your great hypnotherapy skills! I highly recommend you. 


Although I was skeptical to try hypnotherapy at first, I am pleased to say that I'm now a nonsmoker...I still think of it when I'm stressed, but much less, and I'm dealing with family stuff much better. You are bloody good at what you do! Me and my family are very grateful, and my wife thinks you are incredible! You are the only person I would have been able to discuss these issues with. 


I have tried for many years to give up smoking and you finally helped me quit for good. Your hypnotherapy combined with counselling really seemed to work for me. You were able to send me away with some great tools and strategies and were a fantastic support. I couldn't recommend you highly enough.  


I have not had a cigarette in 40 days since my first session and have successfully overcome any cravings without taking so much as a drag. You made me feel very comfortable in our first meeting. We had a lengthy discussion about myself as a smoker, my history with cigarettes and also my motivations for quitting.  You clearly explained the process before we went into the hypnosis itself. Once you began, I felt very safe and confident that I was in good hands. The hypnosis itself was a relaxing experience and I came out each time feeling positive and refreshed. I would highly recommend giving hypnosis a go to anyone who wants help to quit smoking. You are a wonderful woman who has an affinity with helping others achieve their goal.